Unified License

Use this site to access your Business License Bill. A license holder may print or pay in full their total license obligation. This site will only display unpaid license billing information.
License certificates are released when all licenses are paid in full and no outstanding balances exists for any business tax or fee. To review and make business tax and fee payments, go to our website at http://sftreasurer.org/business-payments. 

The license is based on a regulatory agency department permit. Any questions or issues with specific license fees including requests to remove, close or delete fees, should be directed to the appropriate regulating agency. For more information about Permits and Licenses, go to our website at http://sftreasurer.org/permit-and-licenses.

To begin, enter the requested information below and press the BEGIN SEARCH button below. If you cannot locate your Personal Identification Number (PIN), follow the instructions on our site to reset the information, http://sftreasurer.org/personal-identification-number-pin-information.